Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Nature Print Cards

I made some cards with the leaf nature prints from I made the other day.

This is an aspen leaf so I chose 2 different shades of yellow for this print - Cadmium Yellow and Golden Straw, the brown was Dark Burnt Umber.

I trimmed the print to 3.75x5.00 inches and layered it to a piece of warm golden yellow card stock.  I punched holes in the bottom left hand corner and inserted yellow eyelets with the Crop-a-dile.  I added grey cording and knotted it.  The layer was then adhered to a taupe card.

You can check out my HowTo: Nature Printing Tutorial.

On this card I swapped the colors around with grey eyelets and yellow cording.  This leaf is from an oak tree.  The coloring is very similar.  These are a bit more brown, where as the aspens can be bright yellow.

These cards are on their way to my card swapping friends. 


  1. These are lovely. I appreciate you sharing at Dishing it & Digging It. Love the way they turned out.

  2. Dear Sylvia,
    I so love your art, it fills my heart with joy, thank you !

    May your Fall be as beautiful as you, sweet friend

    Xx Dany


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