Monday, September 19, 2016

Simple Squares Calendar

Update:  I have decided to add a Zutter binding instead of a clip.  I'm thinking these will be popular with seniors so a clip may be difficult to handle and all the pages will come apart very easily.  I chose to put a card stock back to provide a bit of color. 

I have been asked at crafts sales in previous years whether I had a plain calendar with large squares so they could write information on the calendar so I decided to make one this year.  I printed the calendar pages on heavy bond paper and provided a chipboard backer to keep it stiff.  It is all held together with a silver clip that allows you to hang it on a nail or a magnet.

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  1. I do like a calendar with lots of room to write appointments. I also put in birthdays in red and have copied the birthdays my mom had from her generation into my calendar so I remember. I checked out your tea devotional and enjoyed it. It reminded me a little of one I heard on "lettuce"--citing some of the "Let us" in the Bible.


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