Saturday, September 3, 2016

Share Your Cup #213

I purchased 2 white porcelain mugs to make a total of 4.  I'm finding that I don't often make a pot of tea when company comes over.  They chose their favorite from my selection and we each make our own mug of tea.  I have 2 white ones I purchased from Winners several years ago.  Yesterday two of these mugs were available for $1 each.  Done.  They came home with me so I can offer a larger or smaller mug to my company.

I picked chokecherries this week.  The temperatures have not been cold enough to freeze over night which makes these sweeter but I did not take the chance of not getting any for the freezer.  I will pick more once it's a bit colder if some one has not gotten to them before me.  In the city most people don't understand about picking wild berries.

I have considered clips for hanging my calendars.  Bull clips are not pretty so I was hoping for a pretty option.  I found these wire clips at a large arts and crafts store this week.  I have been thinking of providing a pretty clip to allow the hanging of my photo calendars.  I know that the desk frame can be a problem for some people so this would provide an alternative.   Being that they are metal I can adjust their color with alcohol inks to be more in tune with the colors in my calendars.

You can check the calendars here.

It's time for Concord Grapes.  Yeah!!! These are the yummiest.  I look forward to them every fall  late summer.  I picked some up the other day and have enjoyed them a lot.

I have been looking for a bottle brush for a while that did not cost and arm and a leg.  This one I found at the thrift store the other for $1. It's a Pampered Chef product so it is good quality.  It will be great to clean small vases and or bottles.

Sharing with Carol at Art & Sand for Share Your Cup #213.


  1. I have some concord grapes on a vine in the backyard! :) Just four years old so last year was the first it produced and this year doesn't look very bountiful but I am looking forward to when they are ripe! :)

  2. The Concord grapes looks so delicious! Happy Labor Day, Pam @ Everyday Living

  3. Delightful post! Happy Labor Day!

  4. We love choke cherry jam! My hubbies mother always made it and gave us a bottle. They grew wild by her family home. Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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