Wednesday, September 13, 2017

One Thousand Gift - Between Sessions

There is Between Session work in the One Thousand Gift bible study.

It prompted us to start out our Gift List with 20 gifts, identify 3 moments in our life which changed our lives, and choose a couple Eucharisteo Mentors. It suggested sending a card or email thanking them for their example.

I designed these new Nifty Notes. I chose a couple of nature shots I took recently.  I love how the Bull Thistle one turned out.  I added a bokeh layer and a greeting to the original image. I chose a fall looking plant in warm tones for the second one.  I added a horizontal blurred layer and greeting to this one.

I printed some and will bring them to class for participants to use in communicating with their mentors. I have a couple of cards prepared to send off to ladies which have been a calm and steady influence in my life.

With having recently purchases new kitchen appliances I had occasion this week to deal with deliveries, installations, professionals and not so professionals.  The not so professionals required my grace and to those who did a great job I expressed my sincere gratitude for their exemplary work.  I will be delivering thank you notes later.

Start a gratitude journal and record the blessings you have received.  The result is joy.

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