Monday, September 25, 2017

One Thousand Gifts - Between Sessions

We are encouraged to continue looking for the gifts.

I am grateful for being able to teach classes.  With bible study and card club I enjoy the process regularly.

I am grateful for connections on line with bloggers and photographers.

I am grateful for a call from my aunt to get together this week.

We are asked to look deep in the mess and dirt of our lives to find a treasure a gift that is hidden there.

I have been dealing with problems with new appliances, deliveries and customer service.  I've had to be deliberate and intentional to follow up on these issues.  I am grateful for the time and attention to detail have have been blessed with.


  1. I am being diligent in writing down what I am grateful for each day, Sylvia. Just little blessings can mean so much.

  2. As I have mentioned in past comments, you have inspired me to keep a list of blessings. At the top of my list is my husband, who is so generous with simple things such as bringing me coffee in the morning! With your list, I have added 'connections with bloggers' to my list! I am grateful for you!


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