Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Recent Snapshots

I visited the St. Albert Botanic Park recently.  They have many flowers, plants, trees in their park.

The weather was perfect and I wandered the space for 3 hours!  The sky was overcast so it provided excellent photo taking opportunity.


I was totally impressed with the Dahlia Bed.  Wow, what wonderful flowers they had there.  All colors, sizes, and varieties.

I do photo calendars every year.  I want to do a Bird one next year so I have been working on getting some nice bird photos.  I really want a good Chickadee photo but all summer they are so skittish that I have not gotten a good one. Even with stalking bird feeders.  I decided that I would provide a few sun seeds in a great photo location in hopes of attracting one for a photo op.  Beggars can`t be choosers I guess because this pigeon helped himself to all my seeds.  I guess I need to be more discerning tomorrow as to where I put my sunflower seeds.  You can find the calendars for this year thru this link 2018 Calendars.

I finally have yellow tomatoes on my two plants!!!!

It has taken so long!  I bought these on May 29th and on September 5 I have ripe tomatoes.  It turns out that the amount of sun on my balcony is not conducive to growing tomatoes hence the long process to produce and ripen.  The production is only about 18 tomatoes so that is much below what I was expecting.

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  1. Oh dear it sounds as if, despite all your planning, things didn't quite work out for the chickadee photo shoot, better luck next time. So happy that your pear shaped tomatoes are finally ripening, enjoy!
    Great to have you with me for MM again this week.

  2. I do photo calendars each year too. Aren't they wonderful? Gorgeous photos here. I love how the tomatoes look like pears!

  3. Your tomatoes are such a wonderful shape. I'm sure they tasted scrumptious - so much better than anything from the store.


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