Sunday, June 29, 2014

June Photo a Day Challenge - Last 2 Days

Here's the last 2 photos for Kati's June Photo a Day Challenge.

Day 29 - Grass

I chose the clump of new sprouted grass.  I like the fact that the grass has variety of colors including red and green. The rock provides a decent background with texture.

Day 30 - Looking Up

I've had this idea from the first time I read the theme for today. I bought myself a large bubble maker and set out. It's taken a while to get a shot I was happy with.  I went out several times in the evening but the wind was just too much.  This time I spent an hour in the morning, less clouds in the sky but also less wind.  Having to blow the bubbles then chase them around was an exercise.  I didn't really know what I had till I got home and looked at the pics.

I would like to thank Kati for this challenge. It's been fun!!!

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  1. Great last two pictures! I really like the bubble photo. What a wonderful capture!


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