Saturday, June 21, 2014

June Photo a Day Challenge - Week 3

Here are this week's photos for this challenge hosted by Kati at Kati's Little Corner.  We could post every day or once a week.

Day 16 - Backyard

Here's a picture of my backyard.  It has a large tree which faces the back alley.  It was not very warm this week.  It's pouring rain.

Day 17 - Stripe

This is a napkin from the summer potluck I attended this week.  It's bright and perky and the word is worth repeating.  We certainly did! We had a good time and the food is always good!  I usually have a grilled hot dog at least during the summer.  

Day 18 - Something Old

This book was printed in 1808 which is over 200 years ago.  Of course, the bible is much older than that.   I chose to open the book to the 23rd Psalm. It's identified with the Roman Numerals XXIII.

Day 19 - Refreshing

This is a glass of Sparking Berry Punch.  This is a punch that has been used in our family for years.  I put it in a tall clear glass with a hexagonal base.  I added 3 ice cubes and a white plastic straw.  The white doily finishes it off nicely.  On a hot day it really hits the spot.

Day 20 - Book

This is a book I read recently.  I enjoyed the autobiography.  It was interesting to read about challenges one faces and how they handle it.  It was a good read.  She sang most of her early years and was destined to entertain. She has a great personality.

Day 21 - Summer

Aren't lilacs really symbolic of summer?  I love the way they smell. I like the shape of the cluster.  They have varigation in the colors because some blossoms are open and lighter in color and others are yet to, so they are darker.  Love the beautiful blue sky with a few white clouds which is a great look for summer.



  1. Oh what a fun challenge Kati's having!! Very pretty lilac flowers Sylvia!

  2. Hmmmm...that sparkling berry punch looks yummy! Wish they had a nice picture like yours so I could pin it!

    Lilacs probably do mean summer in Alberta! Sounds as if it is quite cool there yet. It is actually unseasonably cool here today. I rather like it this way!

  3. The berry punch looks delicious! It's quite hot here today and a cool refreshing drink like that would taste wonderful!

    I love your lilacs. The color is so pretty!


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