Saturday, June 14, 2014

June Photo a Day Challenge - Week 2

Here are this week's photos for this challenge hosted by Kati at Kati's Little Corner.  We could post every day or once a week.

Day 8 - Childhood

I chose a coloring book and Laurentien Pencil Crayons.  I filled many coloring books in my childhood.  I loved staying inside the lines and making it look really nice according to me.  I had my name on each of my crayons so I would not lose them to siblings. When there is lots of kids things can get territorial at times.  I loved coloring because it was an individual activity and quiet time.

Day 9 - Macro

This is a yellow dragonfly and you can see her looking at me and my camera wondering what is going on!  I loved the focus I was able to get on the nearly invisible wings.  I took tons of shots to get this one.

Day 10 - Upside Down

I staged this photo because I wanted similar shapes in different colors and one was upside down.  I wanted a shape that it was obvious that it was different. Not sure I was all together successful in that aspect. These vases are complementary in their shape so it accommodated the closeness better. I chose to put the metallic on in the center because the others were more solid.  The fact that it has a reflection adds interest.  The black was has some reflection as well.

Day 11 - Jewellery

I chose the jewellery I wear most every day because I don't often change it.  On a special occasion I may wear something different but on average this is it.  I like pieces in silver.  A Timex watch, a brooch that I hang my reading glasses on when I don't need them, a magnetic bracelet, a white gold cross, and a set of Stella Dot Hammered Ball stud earrings.

Day 12 - Flower

I chose this Alberta Rose photo. They are blooming right now. I try each year to get a few good photo of this great pink flower. They can range from very deep pink to almost white.  I will keep an eye out for them on the back country roads.

Day 13 - Shadow

This is a picture I took of my sister and I.  We had been out on photo shoot for a few hours capturing all the cool things in nature around where she lives. There had been birds, flowers, ponds, cattails, dragonflies, and much more. At one point, I saw this shot and I'm glad I did not miss it.

Day 14 - Red White and Blue

I'm working on a stash of decorative paper using a variety of techniques.  Today, I chose these colors so I could include it in this challenge.  I rubbed the with wax candle to create a bit of a resist.  Then, I painted the paper with Tim Holtz Distress Stain in Faded Jeans and Aged Mahogny which I had dabbed onto a palette and then spritz with water. I applied it to the paper with a foam brush.  It was feeling a little blah so I decided to take a piece of acetate and brush some blue onto it with the dauber end.  It create these light brush strokes.  I then placed the acetate paint side down onto the paper and they squished and became much more visible.  I really like the way it turned out.

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  1. Your macro photo is stellar! Great work! Your photo of the Alberta Rose is great, too!


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