Saturday, June 28, 2014

Photo - Foxglove Flowers

I'm joining Claire at Another Deep Day with a free space photo this week.

Given the choice I picked this photo I took yesterday at the conservatory.  I went to renew my membership and thought I would nip around the pyramids for about an hour.  I was low on battery power but I did get some shots.

This is purple foxglove flowers.  There were others which were white with purple dots. This one was well situated amongst the green foliage with hints of purple around.  


  1. Beautiful photo, the colors are gorgeous!

  2. I LOVE foxgloves! I used to spend ages as a child watching bees climb in and out of each and every petal...
    Hope you're having a fun weekend :)

  3. Mine are just starting to com out... I only have one plant blooming this year it's pinker than that... I have hopes that the will spread! Lovely photo!

  4. Nice shot! You chose well with your limited resources.


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