Saturday, June 28, 2014

June Photo a Day Challenge - Week 4

Here's another week's worth of pictures for Kati's June Photo a Day Challenge. We could post every day or once a week.

Day 22 - Green

I thought I would put a twist to my green photo and chose a golf green.  I was not sure if I could close enough with out getting beaned in the head with a ball but I just had to try.  It worked and there was no one around.

Day 23 - Pair

I found this pair of chairs at the Ellis Bird Farm on the weekend. They were located at the Wetland Center on the farm and the white and navy blue were perfect for the water focus of this area. They matched the trim on the building perfectly. Looks inviting!

Day 24 - Hot

This is a cup of hot tea!  I chose a different angle for this shot. I shot it from the absolute top which shows the doily encircling the cup. I'm happy with it.  

Day 25 - Cold

This is a cold lemonade drink we had at lunch today at the downtown square.  I love the idea of putting an actual lemon in the glass. It was full of ice cubes which put condensation on the outside of the glass. 

Day 26 - Thermometer

I chose an outdoor thermometer with a digital display.  It was a really nice day with a bit of a wind to cool me off a bit. The display rotates with the time so I had to wait for the temperature and ends up with several shots to get it right.

Day 27 - Fruit

I chose rhubarb as the fruit.  My sister gave me some on the weekend and I'm chopping it up and cooking it up to eat with yogurt.

Day 28 - Yellow

You will know that yellow is one of my favorite colors from my earlier post.  It has to be a golden warm yellow not the clear green kind.  My favorite flowers are sunflowers which are yellow.  I placed them in a nice yellow vase. I glad the shot work out so well.


  1. Oh, you are nearly as hot as me!
    We are harvesting Rhubarb right now too.
    What are you making with yours?

  2. I like your hot and cold pictures! The angle you took the cup of tea is nice and the doily is a great addition to the picture. The lemonade looks so cool and refreshing!


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