Saturday, February 7, 2015

Photo - Challenge - Day 1 to 5

I've decided to participate in Sally Russick's 15 Day Mini Photo Challenge.  Photos of my ordinary life everyday which looks pretty good!  I like to challenge myself to see things in a different way or at least creatively.

Day 01 - Reflection

This is a reflection of a lamp in the melted liquid wax of a warmer.  I was so surprised to see it create this circle around the edge.  It scented the air for most of the day in a fall scent and it was this most delicious orange color.

Day 02 - Wrapping

This is a wrapping for a cell phone.  Handmade in the great colors of red, black and grey.  It provides protection for the phone and looks great.  The loop at the top hooks on the red button to keep the phone in place.

Day 03 - Kitchen Ritual

This is a daily ritual of boiling water for tea.  In the morning it's for black or red chai tea and in the evening for herbal citrus chamomile. I'm enjoying my cup as I blog.

Day 04 - Paper

This is a shot of the card stock standing on their side in my paper cupboard.  I loved the lines of color and the variation in the shades.

Day 05 - Repetitive Pattern

This is a photo of the closed blind in my craft space.  I have a light on the lower half which makes the top darker and with heavier shadows.  It provides a regular horizontal pattern with lights and darks.


  1. Great shots! I love the reflection one, I would never have guessed what it was if you hadn't told cool is that!

  2. I'm liking your choices in this round of photos. Loving the bright yellow kettle, great for a fragrant cup of tea.

  3. Wonderful shots, Sylvia! Glad you can join in.... I really enjoy bouncing around to see how everyone interprets the prompts. I have a thing for paper, love the shot of the beautiful rainbow of color you captured!

  4. I initially thought your first image was a reflection in your nearly empty cup of coffee! Perhaps I have coffee on the brain because it is morning. ;) Your cell phone wrapper is beautiful! Thanks for the insight into your week.

  5. How wonderful, I adore the shot of the papers such beautiful colours!

  6. Great shots. I love the reflection photo, and your paper stash :-)


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