Thursday, February 26, 2015

Photos - Organizing, Storage and Decluttering

I've been working really hard at de-cluttering and creating a place for everything.  Two years ago I added drawers to my craft space which helped a lot.

Top: The boxes in top photo are on top of the black shelving unit in my craft space.  Check here for a photo.  I have always stored them wide which meant they were stacked 3 deep which makes getting to the bottom one was not fun. They were too wide for the shelf as well so the last row on the right were precarious at times. Just by turning them on their side I can get them all in less space and only 2 deep which means less hassle to get to the box I want. Really happy about this.

Left: A new shelving unit to store all the stuff that did not have a home.  I now know exactly how much stuff I have and must stop buying!! The large containers hold yarn and silk flowers - perfect for the top shelf. I will have to organize the contents of pizza boxes and iris cases but I least I can see them all at once now.

Right: I bought an Ikea narrow Billy bookcase which sat perfectly in the space next to the black shelf in the craft space. This stores card stock and 3 classes/project cases.  It will keep the light and dust out and maintain the quality of the paper.

Left: I had a bit of space under my work table which could be used if I had a storage solution.  I knew it had to be drawers again.  I managed to these narrow drawer units a Walmart and they fit perfectly.

Center: I found that I saved boxes in case I needed one but there was no specific place for them to be so again I did not have any idea what I had so I needed a place. With that comes tissue paper, bubble wrap, gift bags, etc.  Home Depot had these containers on sale for $4 each so for less than $20 I got all I needed. What did not fit here went to the recycle center.
Right: I re-wrapped my work surface with new black contact adhesive vinyl.  This station is right across from the large metal shelving unit so it gives me a place to open a box I've pulled off of there and look inside. There's a better chance it will return to it's place if I don't move it too far away.

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