Monday, February 9, 2015

R2G Card Kit - Baby Bird HB or Welcome

This is a card kit I adapted from the extras from this Card Club.  Likely no one needs 4 baby cards so I decided to add a birthday greeting which then could be used for others. In this case 4 birthday and 4 Welcome baby greetings are included to provide the most flexibility to the card maker.

Card - 2 shades of blue card and 2 shades of yellow are included in the kit
Bird - I designed and drew the bird & branch. This allows me to color it to suit any given situation.
Banner - matches the card color.  The banner can be cut with a flag end as shown for just at an angel based on preference.
Greeting - I designed the greeting and printed them in colors to match the card. I used a large 2" oval punch to create the greetings.  The greeting is 3D foam taped over the banner. This gives dimension and keeps the dark banner from showing through the greeting.

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