Saturday, February 21, 2015

Photo Challenge - Day 11 to 15

This is the final week of Sally Russick's 15 day Ordinary Extraordinary Everyday Mini Photo Challenge.   I always enjoy being challenged and thank Sally for hosting this challenge.  Here are my pics.

Day 11 - Macro

This is a close up of the view finder on my now defunct Canon Powershot A430 from the front. I loved this camera.  It was my first digital camera and I used it for 6 years and my Mom for another 4, so it was long lived.

Day 12 - Temptation

Ice cream bars with chocolate, the only thing missing is nuts is one of my temptations.  This is a small one so it's less calories when I do indulge.  It was delicious.

Day 13 - Sweetness

This orange is my sweetness with my breakfast.  A bit of tea, an egg and an orange.  I really need the Vitamin C as I'm fighting a cold.

Day 14 - Love

This is a heart shaped bowl which is a set of 2 that I received from my Mom and Dad when I graduated from college.  It is special to me.  I love the way the glass creates this blue frame around the dried flowers inside.

Day 15 - Togetherness

I found these exquisite Cameo buttons during my clean up this week.  I find it amazing that they were designed to face each other and they are 2 different ladies.  I can imagine them as 2 sisters, a mother and daughter or special cousins.

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  1. Your cameo buttons are really beautiful. I wonder how old they are. My fav cameo colours are blue & white, next is the pink & white....the green & white not so much. Diane Arthurs


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