Sunday, February 7, 2016

Friday's Hunt 1.6

Submitting these to Friday's Hunt hosted by Teresa at Eden Hills.  The prompts are F, Favorite and Negative Space.  Looks like I missed the deadline for the link up. Enjoy the pics.

I chose this photo for Fence.  I like the dark fence in the foreground with the low sun in the sky putting the trees in silhouette.  It's a nice warm toned image.

I loved this image of a chickadee at the bird feeder just ready to alight.  Wings and tail feathers spread wide.  I stood in snow up to my shins in gale force winds for about 15 minutes at least till my hands were so cold I just had to quit.  I had to stand still so the birds would some around to the feeder again after I arrived.  I usually take them from the front room window but with the larger camera I don't have the same distance in the zoom of the lens so I had to get physically closer.  Of course, I didn't know what shots I had before I brought them to the computer.  This is my favorite of those taken on Saturday.

I'm using this one for negative space. This is a cloud which had the sun dog shining in it or through it a few minutes earlier.  I had to stop the car, take out the camera and focus and thus missed the rainbow colors in the cloud. 


  1. Your "Fence" is a good "F" word, Sylvia. I like the bird feeder picture, it will be my favorite.
    I am sorry that I am late in returning your comment. We have been on a Caribbean cruise. My post was auto posted but now I have to play catch-up.
    BTW, you were hard to find because I couldn't find you on Mr. Linky at Teresa's. I might put you there is it is still open.

  2. Oops, you were right, it was closed. Sorry, I don't know when she closes it. I signed on Friday using precious purchased Internet time. The ships are pretty slow, lots of customers.


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