Saturday, February 13, 2016

Share Your Cup - National Park

I visited the Elk Island National Park today.

There are several Red Chairs around the park and I managed to find 3 sets.
This set is overlooking the large lake at the north end.
I love the tree shadows on the snow.  The black spot in the middle of the lake is a beaver lodge.  I love the tracks leading across the lake.

There are several snow covered roads through the park.  I traveled several and they were mostly snow covered with these great shadows.
I love the Canadian flag. This one was at the visitor center.  As you can see the wind was pretty strong.  At the lake, gloves, a good windbreaker and winter boots were a must.  The bottom photo is an island in the middle of the large lake.  People were walking to it and maybe around it also.  Love the contrast of dark trees against the blue sky.

I was really hoping to see bison but not a one appeared.

I was not able to link to the linky party. You can see the links here.

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