Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Share Your Cup #185

I'm sharing my new 6 cup YELLOW tea pot!!  I spent some of my Christmas money and I'm so happy.  Early in January I went shopping and hit 5-7 stores looking for a smallish yellow tea pot to complement my larger navy tea pot.  This tea pot by Maxwell & Williams was being sold in yellow at a large department store in their fall line but by the time I was looking the yellow ones were all gone.  Disappointed.  So I gave up on the idea.  My navy tea pot from IKEA does not have an infuser so I was looking for a tea strainer to put in the cup when pouring.  Again, several tea stores later no luck.  I had purchased a strainer for my sister from a local store but they had moved and finding them took 2 phone calls and 4 visits to the area.  When I got there last week lo and behold there was the same tea pot I had seen earlier for $10 less. It's a small shop so I asked if she would show me how it poured and she was very accommodating.  It poured well so I came home with a tea strainer and a teapot which matches the capacity of my yellow kettle. It has an infuser so I can easily brew loose leaf tea.

This week included a visit to the library.  I had to cut back on my items because for the last 2 visits I have not had time to look at all I brought home.  When I joined the library they gave me a huge bag which is just too big.  I checked my collection of bags and chosen this purple one for the library. It has a little pouch to hold my print outs. I brought home books and DVDs.  I really like the Chicken Soup books for a few minutes of light reading before bed. I selected several books on painting as I would like to paint a Christmas card this year.  The Mountains of Scotland is one of the DVDs which should be good.

This is the best travel mug.  I had been using a red travel mug because vanity had overtaken me and I wanted one to match my car which is red.  Well, during the busy winter craft sale season I ended up spilling a full mug of Earl Grey tea with cream and sugar onto the passenger seat of my car.  I did a quick job of moving it from the seat to the floor mat then I had to head in to set up for the sale. When I got home at the end of the day I cleaned up the seat and thanks to scotch guard protection and my quick action no stains. But vanity went out the window. I recalled my niece had recommended a mug that she was able to just throw in her bag.  A phone call later, I was off the replace the red travel mug which had hit the garbage bin. Unfortunately, no red but liquid tight. I'm a happy camper.

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  1. Well, that yellow teapot is perfect. If I drank tea, I would want one just like it.

    Thanks for sharing at SYC.

  2. I like Earl Grey tea as well! Thank you for stopping by LHeure Bleue At Home.

  3. Sylvia, yellow is "my" color, so I love your new teapot. You are the first person I've ever heard of (besides myself) who checks how a teapot pours before buying it. I've been doing that for decades, and I wonder why everyone doesn't do it!


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