Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Mosaic Monday - This Week

Left: The large rose is a nod to the coming Valentine's Day.  It is placed in a clear glass vase and photographed in front of a neutral background. 
Top Right: A ceramic glazed tile of tulips in blues and yellows - I wonder how it was brought to my house!! The colors were perfect so with a 30% discount at the thrift store it was in my bag. It currently has a brown frame so that will have to be replaced.  I now have a sunflower and tulips.  The sunflower needs finishing but I would not have thought of a wood frame so now I'm on the hunt for square wood frames. 
Top Middle:  A white heart ornament in a bowl of red balls.  Isn't great with stuff can serve for several holidays.  This heart is in a Christmas collection.
Top Bottom: The crepes served at the shower for the new baby girl in our extended family.


  1. The rose is lovely against the crinkled background and I like the silver heart with the red balls.


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