Friday, February 19, 2016

Friday's Hunt 1.8

I'm submitting this to Friday's Hunt hosted by Teresa at Eden Hills. 

The prompts are:
Starts with H

H is for honey.  I took a photo of my honey jar with golden yellow sticky stuff.  It's a large, heavy and clear glass jar with a lid with a space for the honey dipper.  Of course the honey dipper needs to be yellow.  This is my second one as I melted the first one when I was melting honey in the microwave.  I've learned my lesson. 

This is my favorite image of the week.  I had to go downtown this week so I took some time to shoot some city images.  I love the reflection of blue sky on the glass windows of this building.  I liked the angles and the square spaces.  The contrast of lights and darks works very well.

This is a shot I have shared before.  My sister and I were out on a photo shoot near a lake where she lives.  It was summer and the sun was shining bright.  I grabbed this shot of our shadows.  I added the Sisters quote.  She is part of my large family and I really enjoy spending time with her.


  1. Honey, fantastic. Did your previous honey dipper melt? We here in Finland use similar honey dippers, but they are made of wood. Maybe you should considen a wooden one too, it won't accidently melt. Your Family picture is inventive.

    R. Täysin arkista

    1. Taysin, The plastic honey dipper distorted from the heat. I have seen several wood ones.

  2. Love the shadow shots of you and your sister as well as the sweet honey shot. Have a lovely weekend.

  3. The building shot is really cool. And our family shadows us whether they are with us physically or not

  4. I tried using a honey dipper but find it's neater with a teaspoon when putting some in my tea. Scary thought of your first dipper melting in the microwave, I generally put my jar in a bowl of hot water.
    You and your sister have such lovely long legs. lol

  5. Beautiful series. The honey is so pretty in that nice jar. I don't see many buildings like that where I live. Nice to see. Lovely image of you and your sisters' shadows.


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