Friday, February 12, 2016

Friday's Hunt 1.7

I'm submitting this post to Friday's Hunt hosted by Teresa at Eden Hills.

The prompts are:
Starts with G
Week's Favorite
In my kitchen

This is Gluten-Free Cheese Cake which I served during tea with a friend this week. I was able to buy just 4 pieces and it seems the crust is made with nuts which contributes to it's gluten free status. This is the leftover piece which is New York Style cheese cake.  We ate the chocolate pieces during tea.

I made whole wheat cheddar cheesy tea biscuits today. With Valentine's around the corner I chose to cut a few in heart shapes.  I added one to my chicken noodle soup for supper. I chose this shot as this week's favorite.

Here's a shot of the tea biscuits cooling on a rack on the kitchen counter while the second tray is baking.  I cut a couple with my Steeped Tea teapot cookies cutters.  I cut the hearts with my trusty Tupperware cookie cutters. You can see how small the heart ones, perfect for dipping in soup.


  1. It all looks yummy. I want some!

  2. Your picture collection this week is a delicious one. Now i have to go and eat, i'm hungry :)

    R. Täysin arkista

  3. Goodness, this post looks yummy! I'm certainly a fan of cheesecake. The cheesy biscuits sound perfect for a cold day. Thank you for joining in at Friday's Hunt.

  4. I like the idea of a nut based cheesecake and it looks delicious. Yesterday I baked heart-shaped sugar cookies but I don't recall cutters from Tupperware.

  5. Cheesecake is one of my favorite desserts. Your biscuits looks yummy

  6. Yum! Now I'm craving cheesecake. The teapot-shaped biscuits are too cute!


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