Thursday, February 4, 2016

Share Your Cup - Work Out

I've been walking inside for a while because the winter weather just does not make easy to do outside.  It's time well spent to keep me healthy and active.  I find it starts my day on a good note.  I'm looking forward to being outside again.

I have several DVDs I rotate to keep it interesting.  I found this one yesterday and it is completely customizable.  I choose the warm up, how many miles I want to walk from several options and then a cool down.  It offers me the flexibility I've been looking for in an exercise video. 

I start with a large glass of room temperature water which I am fortunate in that I can just guzzle it down.  On with the shoes, set up the work out, add some stretchy band for toning and another big glass of water at the end.  I've had 2 of my 8 glasses of water for the day and I head to the shower.

I'm very happy!!!

Sharing at Sharing Your Cup hosted by Carol at Art & Sand.

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