Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Birthday Party Invites - Easily Personalized

I`ve developed a few birthday party invites.  These are distributed as digital files which are personalized then forwarded by email.  They can be printed at home, at the photo developer of your choice, or sent out digitally to those invited.  Makes it very quick and easy for busy Moms.

The one on the left features balloons which are my own art.  I have filled them with some of my watercolor backgrounds.  It has a banner across the top which has been colored to complement the balloons.  This one is designed as a quarter sheet of a regular letter sized sheet.
Updated: I've changed the background on this one which works much better.

The one on the right features one of my watercolor backgrounds and my happy birthday cake on a stand graphic.  The cake has been designed with the colors in the background.  This creates a bright and catchy invite for any party.  This one is 4x6 inches.

This one is in contrast to the bright and bold ones below. It's feel is soft and gentle. It was done with one of my bubble paper backgrounds in green, purple and turquoise.  I added the polka dot overlay to repeat the concept of bubbles.  I added my own daisy graphic in a coordinating color to add a feminine touch.  I chose to put the words in a delicate font to go with the overall feel of the background. 

Pink and purple for girls.  This one is in the wide orientation with the same birthday cake graphic from the top one.   The colors have been changed to work for a girl's party.  This is 4x6 inches.


Another watercolor background with wonderful feathered edges featuring bolder colors. The birthday cake graphics has again been used in this invite. The blues and purples in the background have been repeated in the cake.  This one is in the tall orientation and is 4x6 inches.

This one features ink spot decorated paper I made a while back.  I choose this one because of it's bold & bright colors.  The circle invite repeats the circles in the ink spots. The details are placed on a shaded box to insured they are visible and easily read.

These all can be personalized and will be delivered digitally.  They are available in 4x6 photo files or 2 or 4 quarter sheets in printable PDF. This makes printing at home easy. You can find them on my Digital Cards tab.

I will have samples at the Vintage Bazaar on March 19 2016.

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  1. The invites are beautiful, Sylvia! Pam @ Everyday Living


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