Monday, March 28, 2016

Mosaic Monday - New Stuff

I've been refining things in my home.  You will recall from the Tea Cupboard DIY post I wanted to hang my mugs. I was able to find cup hooks large enough to accommodate my cup handles.  So quick as a bunny, I evenly inserted them into the bottom of the upper cupboard.  You can see in the photo on the right I needed a spacer so that the tip of the hook would not punch through the shelf on the inside.  A look through my bead collection produced these small copper spacer beads. Worked like a charm. Thanks for the advise on the weekend from my sisters.  Now the teapot fits in the corner. Yeah!!
The next photo is a container for hair gel in my bathroom.  I have used a Tupperware pump container for years. Recently my hair gel seems to be getting thicker in the container so upon investigation I discovered that it had developed a crack in the lid therefore air was getting in and my hair gel liquid was evaporating.  As the pump has been discontinued I needed a solution in quick order. This ivory pearl clam shaped bottle is likely a temporary measure but fits into the neutral scheme in the bathroom. 
I have decided to change the color scheme on the couch so I have moved from pink to yellow and green. The green needs a zipper inserted so that I can wash the cover when I want.

I'm sharing on Mosaic Monday hosted by Judith at Lavender Cottage.


  1. Some wonderful ideas!

    and LivingFromHappiness

  2. Looks great!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Hello,Sylvia
    Great idea that you hung your mugs! Changing colors something in our room is cheerful!
    Have a happy new week.

  4. Love the new and improved tea station!


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