Sunday, March 20, 2016

Friday's Hunt 12

I'm joining Friday's Hunt hosted by Teresa at Eden Hills. The prompts this week are:
Start with L

I took a shot of a glass lamp my niece made for me many years ago.  I have never filled it but it is beautiful.  It came with the copper star base.  It repeats the star theme as you can faintly see the star etched above the peace.

This dish is my favorite photo this week.  I attended a Vintage Sale yesterday and bought myself this little glass dish.  It catches the light well with so many glass pebbles on the under side.  The dish I have been using is divided so I needed when I can't fill all the spaces in the divided one.  It has traces of gold on the edge but it's pretty much all gone. I placed it on one of my blue plates and put a few blue/green glass gems in the center to create a focal point.

I dug through my small box of lace and found this one with a heart motif.  I placed the white border lace on a black cloth to have the details visible. 


  1. The lamp is real pretty, Sylvia. I would not know how to make a lamp like that. Marbles work good with directed light. I have a kaleidoscope that has differing displays using different marbles on the inside. Pretty lace too.

  2. Sylvia, such a lovely collection...I love your peace lamp.

  3. That lamp is amazing! How special to have it gifted to you. All three of these items go together beautifully. Thanks so much for joining Friday's Hunt.


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