Saturday, March 12, 2016

Greeting Card Gift Sets - Portfolio

I'm working on inventory for my sale next weekend.

I designed a new portfolio for selling these gifts sets.  The advantage to the old packaging is that you can see all the cards and it stands on it own so may not need a container on the craft table. The front has a small label at the bottom identifying the set and the back holds the credits.  The inside shows both cards.  I used a 6x10 cellophane where I add the 2 labels and a piece of bond between the 2 sets.  I seal the cellophane then punch holes in the center with a long reach punch through the cellophane and the bond paper. The provides strength to the ribbon feature. I string a piece of satin ribbon through the holes from the back to the inside and back to the outside and knot and trim the ribbon ends.

Happy with this system.

I'm refurbishing some of my cards which have been returned to me or were samples for classes that did not run or some other reason the cards were set aside.  I've added a piece of card stock or whatever else is needed.  This set features watercolored graphics glued to handmade paper then onto card stock.

This set features paintings of my own.  The green white lily and the birch trees are paintings I have scanned and printed on the card fronts.

The flowers are from Dover Clipart collection.  The hyacinth and the lily are great flowers for this time of year.

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