Sunday, March 6, 2016

Share Your Cup #187

This is the cupboard on the back wall of my kitchen.  It has been a mess for a very long time.  I choose this cupboard to do some messy crafting that I don't want to do in my craft corner. Like heat embossing, some decorative paper making, etc. Well, this week it got a clean up.  The counter got some bleach to remove some stamping that strayed from the card, the embossing powder and the dust are all gone.  As you can see sunflowers feature a lot in my kitchen. The painting is from my niece and her visit to Europe. The twig wreath I made many years ago.  The new water glasses have made it to the shelf.  I will have to work on maintaining it.

Isn't this a great image.  I made a visit to the Conservatory this week and they had these wonderful flower umbrellas hung from the ceiling.  I just loved it!!!  I will have to check the gift shop to see if they are carrying these.  How wonderful to have a sunflower protecting me from the rain this summer.

I brought this little piece of children's furniture home from the thrift store the other day for a whopping $2. It is very well made so I expect it's quite old. The decals on the front are pretty old school.  I will be transforming it into storage for my tea stuff.  I have started the transformation.  The doors have been removed, every inch has been cleaned, the feet have been removed and the clothes hanger has been removed from the wardrobe side.  The sanding has started. From the jar of paint you can see it will be painted yellow.

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  1. I love all those blue and yellow dishes and that umbrella is fabulous. Did they have other flowers besides sunflowers?

    Thanks for sharing at SYC.

    1. Carol, Yes they had other flowers which will show up in future posts. Zinnia Aster and others.
      Sylvia D.

  2. Hi Sylvia, looking forward to getting to know you! Love your pretty dishes. I agree that it would be fun to be under that umbrella. I love vintage children's toys. What a find on the sweet doll closet! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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