Saturday, March 12, 2016

Friday's Hunt 11

I'm submitting these to Friday's Hunt hosted by Teresa at Eden Hills.
The prompts are Starts with K, Favorite and Flower.

This is one of the Ks I have in my Alphabet Photography collection.

This another of the umbrellas at the Conservatory.  I think it's a daisy but it must be the lighting that makes it look purple to me.  They were hung from the ceiling and really made the space look great.

There were several others more brightly colored which will show up in other posts.   You can see the sunflower in this post.

This is my favorite shot for this post.

This is a flower I took on my trip to the Conservatory.  I thought the open centre with the flowerlets all the way around was very graphic.  As you can see in the centre the flowers are coming to eventually create a nice full bunch.  As it's early in the season we have the in between stage which I captured.


  1. That's a gorgeous flower- wonder the name? I like the umbrella hanging- that looks neat.

  2. Love the bibg K and the very pretty umbreall and flower. Enjoy your week ahead.

  3. Beautiful series! I love your letter K. That daisy is beautiful, as is your last flower. Thank you so much for joining Friday's Hunt!


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