Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Business Card & Promo Graphic

I designed a business card and a promo graphic for a client.  She wanted a vintage feel using the colors white and aqua. I found the ironwork grill image on Vintage Feed Sacks graphics site (see note) which I thought worked pretty well.  It was just black and white graphic so I colored it the aqua color and gave it a clear background.  I then created a white background onto which I placed the ironwork graphic and the relevant text.  She was wanting a larger graphic to put on a t-shirt or other promotional material.  I followed the same process for this one. She added her tag line on this one which I think is very appropriate.  They were delivered in digital format so she can get the business cards printed through the printer of her choice as well as use the files on social media. You can find her on Facebook Alberta Vintage.

You can check out my Digital Products page for further details.

Note: I was going to leave a link for the graphic but it seems be redirecting to a different site.  I`m not sure if that is temporary or permanent.  I will keep an eye on it and post a link if it clears up.

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