Thursday, April 14, 2016

Share Your Cup - Spring is Here

I captured these images on my walks this week.  This kids are out playing soccer and the leaves on the trees are budding and soon they will have a crown of green to display.

This is a cool tool.  It was gifted to me by a friend who sews.  It is very handy.  It sits at the edge of your work space and as you work it holds your discards.  At the end of the session it is easily dumped and the mess is quickly cleaned up.  This works for paper crafters, quilters, and other crafters.  The rectangle at the top is filled with rice or walnut shells which provides the weight and can be used as a pin cushion.  I understand it makes a great remote control holder on an arm of a chair or sofa.  Great idea.  Thanks Ada.

I hosted our women's fellowship group today.  The sun was shining, tea and coffee was made and a few healthy snacks were put out.  We spread the responsibilities around so it's not a burden on any one person. The hostess provides the beverages, another brings the snacks and another does devotions.  The devotion was on Seeds of Peace based on the life of Henry Kissinger so Joan brought cilantro growing in a navy blue pot. I will endeavor to have it thrive.  I did a bit of a talk on connecting women.  I share a post shared by Podso this week on Tea for Two.  The idea is to always be ready to share tea with a friend who needs encouragement.  I asked if I could share the concept with the group. She included a couple more ideas in her email and I really liked this one.  Hospitality versus Entertaining which is a blog post by Jen Wilkin.  We need to be real, authentic, and put ourselves aside to serve another.


  1. I enjoyed reading the post by Podso about Tea For Two and love that you then used the idea yourself. Oh, the wonders of our connections.

    Thanks for sharing at SYC.

    1. Carol, It worked so well into my presentation at women's fellowship. Technology makes it easy for us to not connect face to face with others. I'm grateful for blogging because it allows me to connect with women I would not otherwise know but I believe I have to make an effort to talk to women I know on a personal level. Sylvia


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