Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Mosaic Monday - This Week

I have a collection of odd photos this week.
Top Left:  I took a picture of this seabreeze fan which has helped to keep my place cool for many years.  I bought it second hand and I`ve had it for 15 years or so.  It`s mostly metal which I came to appreciate when I did some shopping to replace it and most of what is available these days are plastic. It was small and it oscillated which was great bang for the buck.  My research tells me it was built in the 1970s. It quit working a while back but it`s so iconic I kept it to see if I could translate it into something else.  No project has emerged so far. 

Top Right: I made new kitchen towels this week as well.  The ones I was using I made many years ago, they were tattered and worn through and needed to be replaced.  I still had the ball of yarn I used on the original ones which I made when I moved this place nearly 20 years ago.  I had determined a navy and golden yellow color scheme for this kitchen.  So, this week I took up crocheting again.  I upcycled a navy golf towel I bought at the second store. It was brand new.  I removed the bit of embroidery on it, cut it in half, sewed a line of stitching on the raw edge and added a golden yellow yarn hanger.  I now have 2 new towels with the vintage buttons I used on the original towels. 
Bottom: I took a picture of the train and the river on my walk on Sunday.  The ice is breaking up nicely and soon the river will be ice free.


  1. that is a neat fan, things just aren't made the same these day. Could the fan blades by taken out and used to make a dragonfly? Your hand towels looks lovely.

  2. I didn't notice ice in the river but I thought that the train looks frozen! Have a pleasant week.


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