Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Mosaic Monday - Bright and Shiny

I heard this set of woodpeckers before I saw them.  But getting close enough for a good shot was a challenge.  The male has a bright red spot on his head which makes him pretty easy to spot once you hear him. 

There was a bright green door on a spa business on my walk this morning. 

Shiny butterfly was in amongst the foliage at the Conservatory during my visit on Sunday. The Fleur the Lis is a wood
decoration on a door which was marked for demolition so I took the chance when I had it.

Mrs. Robin has a bright orange breast but she was eyeing me pretty severely.  The squirrel was playing frozen for a few shots so I had to wait until he moved to be a little more natural. 

The walk this morning was wonderful.

Submitting to Mosaic Monday hosted by Judith at Lavender Cottage. 


  1. What a nice mosaic! Love that shade of green for a door. I had a pair of woodpeckers at my feeders on the weekend too, and it was nice to see them up close in my own yard :)


  2. I always enjoy your cards. I make most all my greeting cards now, especially for the grandkids' birthdays. Do you use a circuit machine to cut shapes? The snow here is now gone; it never lasts this time of year and is moisture heavy. The news shows always show the worst of storms, but as a Colorado native, I know that April snow, even May snow, is not rare. What we really don't like are the late freezes that will kill tender buds. Isn't that the way it is, you hear the birds before you see them, and hopefully your get to see them. Have good week.

    1. Ann, Yes I have a Cricut machine to cut shapes. I prefer die cutting to stamping. Sylvia

  3. The turquoise butterfly is amazing!

  4. Wonderful collage made. The butterfly looks most beautiful.

  5. Your collage does look fabulous Sylvia. Glad you had a productive walk, love the butterfly you saw. I haven't been seeing any butterfly yet but hope to soon. Your header is very pretty.


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