Sunday, April 17, 2016

Macro Monday2

I was on a visit to the Conservatory this afternoon.  It was gorgeous out but not too many flowers out there just yet.

Foxglove in it's purple garb.  I love the little hairs visible on the inside of it's bell blossom.

This is an orange orchid.  I should have taken a pic of it's name but didn't and could not find anything on line to help me out.

This tiny rose bud was just the right size.  My focus is not a tight as I would have liked but it's very cute. Very classic look.

This was a tiny cactus in a terra cotta pot near the gift shop.  It was not taller than 2 inches.  I loved the star like thorns.  They did not appear very dangerous but maybe it's because they are babies yet.

The red berry photo turned out quite nice.  I love the shape of the leaves and the fact that the 2 leaves and the berry form a nice triangle.


  1. Pretty flowers! You captured my favorite part of the foxglove, the speckled inner petals.

  2. Beautiful array of flowers. I do like that orchid.


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