Monday, November 14, 2016

Be Present for Christmas - Lesson 6 - Be a Dwelling Space for God

It's been 6 weeks of great bible study and this is our last class.

Our activity this week is putting together an Advent Calendar.  I chose to make it simpler this year because several of the girls from last year are now finishing up theirs so hopefully the calendars will be displayed and used this year.

I designed the 25 sheets with my Bethlehem drawing in navy blue on a gradient sky blue background with red numbers in the top right hand corner.  The scripture for each day is in the center of the sheet.  They are 3.5 x 5 inches and are hung on a 10 foot navy blue twine cord with wooden clothes pins.  We put 3 red wooden beads at each end with a pretty scroll metal hanger. Each person got a box to store the calendar during the year.

This week the lesson focus is Be a Dwelling Space for God. It's the story of Mary. When you make space in your words, in your wants, in your ways for Jesus, He comes and lives in the most miraculous way in your heart, too. Only one thing is necessary - just let your hands and your heart be a space for love to come into the world.
Is there anything you need to take a break from for a while to make more space for Jesus?

I'm selecting my lessons from The Greatest Gift by Ann Voskamp.  The book provides 24 lessons for each day of Advent of which I have chosen 6 for this class.  We will have readings, questions, discussion, and an activity each week.

This is the calendar hung across my living room curtains.

I gave each person in the class a freebie from Ann Voskamp's website.  A reminder about slowing down and if our heart is open then rest will fall into place.

Take time to enjoy the season with family and friends and do what you can but don't let it spoil your joy at Christmas.

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