Monday, November 28, 2016

Monday Mosaic #18 - Wrap Up Tea

Our ladies groups (Card Club and Quilting Circle) had our wrap up tonight.  Linda and I decided to have a few goodies and tea and coffee. My forgot to take pics so I've set up at home.

I brought Cranberry Welsh Cakes with Lemon Spread which was a hit with the ladies.  I bought the Lemon Spread at the craft sale on the weekend.  It was very tasty but has no details available on the container.

I used the Welsh Cakes recipe from the Company's Coming Muffins & More recipe book.  I replaced the currants with cranberries and cooked them on my electric non stick griddle.  It worked well but I need some practice to not burn my fingers when turning them over.

I chose a red table cloth on my table with a Christmas plaid place mat which features gold threads with white dinnerware.  I made some Jade Citrus Mint tea in the new Luxury white porcelain tea pot by Tannex. I served it in a Royal Worcester bone china tea cup and chose a Dudson Finest Vitrified 6" side plate to hold my 3 Welsh Cakes.

Submitting to Mosaic Monday hosted by Maggie at Normandy Life.


  1. Hi Sylvia, I'm a lover of afternoon tea time, too and loved the sound of those Welsh cakes with lemon spread. I wonder if the spread is what we Brits call lemon curd? Delicious!

    1. Maggie, It is clear not opaque. Looks more like lemon marmalade. Very lemony and delicious.

  2. Your tea looks delicious. Citrus mint tea sound so refreshing.

  3. Sounds like it was a lovely get together. The Welsh Cakes look interesting - I have that cookbook, so I'll look up the recipe. Enjoy your week!

  4. Sounds like a lovely get together. The Welsh cakes with lemon spread sound so delicious. I love lemon anything...

  5. Delicious. And beautiful photos. I love the simplicity of the white teapot and the red cloth. Very nice. I am also enjoying your beautiful cards. Do you use a circuit at all? Thanks for your reminder to slow down, calm down, and relax. I guess we do tend to get all wound up over the holiday season.

  6. Ann, I use the Cricut electronic cutter as well. Sylvia D.


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