Wednesday, June 21, 2017

2018 Nice Cuppa Calendar

I have a Nice Cuppa calendar this year which features wonderful cups.  It includes bone china tea cups, porcelain mugs, earthenware mugs, and ironstone tea cups.  I decided to put the cups up front this year.  I chose items to support the cups as needed.  My collection is small but all are pieces I really love.  Tea is my drink of choice but these vessels can hold coffee or hot chocolate as well.  I have enjoyed the hours of pondering the cup and how to make it shine. I chose flowers, books, table linens, candles and leaves to create a photo that was appealing.

Check out my Calendar Page to find the details.


  1. Beautiful collection of cups!! Wonderful photography and calendar.
    Sylvia I wonder if you would be interested in participating in the Summer Coffee Lovers' Bloghop. It starts tomorrow. You could find details on this site:

  2. Love your beautiful interpretation of the tea cups. Very colorful and pretty!


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