Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Afternoon Tea

I gathered a few lilacs this morning in a couple of shades.  They are the small variety which bloomed a little later.  I put them into a hand painted glass vase with purple flowers.  I placed it onto a white Battenburg lace doily.

I made some Scottish Oat Scones yesterday.  I bought the dried currants especially to make this recipe.  I did not realize that dried currants are quite hard.  I baked the large scone on a stone which worked really well.  This recipe is from the Company's Company recipe book.    I placed a few triangles on a clear glass plate.
I made a cup of Blackberry Currant tea.  I served in a clear glass tea cup with matching saucer.  I added butter to my scone.  
The table is dressed with a white table cloth, topped with a lace and then a white linen table runner.
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  1. What a lovely tea setting. The lilacs are so pretty! I think that I have the same clear cup and saucer set (from Steeped Tea?).

    1. Margie, Yes, the tea cup is Steeped Tea. I love glass a lot. Sylvia D.

  2. Dear Sylvia:
    Your lilacs are lovely and I know they smell heavenly. Is there anything more delightful than lilacs! What a sweet post and delicious scones! Thanks for sharing. I am thinking you should repost this on my post coming out in a little bit as you caught things at the end.

  3. How very lovely! I love how the tea matches the lilacs, too!


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