Thursday, June 22, 2017

Tea and Lunch

I started by trying a recipe I saw on Jill's blog last week as part of Mosaic Monday.  These are Herb Scones.  I chose savory with basil, rosemary, oregano, and garlic.  As you can see that I baked them on my pizza stone which works really well and since it is very seasoned no danger of them sticking to the surface.  The recipe yielded 12 scones cut with scallop cutters.

Here's my collection of metal scallop/fluted cutters with really nice handles.  I have a set of graduated round ones in 3 different sizes varying from 2 inch at the smallest and 3 inches at the largest.

The rectangular ones are 1.25 inches by 3.25 inches.  They may be a bit small for certain things but it would be a great for shortbread.  A bit of research would suggest these may be from the 1940's.  I had to be patient and wait quite a while to get what I was looking for but these are excellent.  I had hoped to get square ones in the same set as the round ones.  I will keep looking.

I recently replaced a very heavy rolling pin with a vintage rolling pin which serve me well for many more years.
I made some Masala Chai tea which is the best I have tasted.  It is made by a couple of ladies in central Alberta - The Chai Wallahs.  A bit of honey and some cream.
I drank it from a large shallow cup in blue glaze make by IKEA.  I was thinking it would not be great for drinking but it turned out quite nice.  Update: It is a soup mug and not designed for tea.  Makes sense.

I had an egg cooked in my well seasoned cast iron fry pan.  You can see my restoration of it in this post.  it was certainly worth the effort.   The egg is cooked sunny side up which worked well with the place setting I put on my table.

I had the wonderful herb scones to soak up the wonderful yellow yolk.

Dessert was plain yogurt topped with a raspberry rhubarb compote.  Mom sent some rhubarb home with me on the weekend.  I added some frozen raspberries and a bit of honey and boiled over low heat until the rhubarb broke down a bit.  Nice change from bananas.

Here is the total table setting.  I place a navy table runner over a lace table cloth over a white solid table cloth. 

Still love my little square yellow dessert dishes and the yellow is repeated in the egg and napkin.

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  1. Now, that's my kind of meal. I love eggs and scones. Oh, what a perfect combo! The yogurt looks wonderful too! Four star!

  2. Sylvia, everything looks delicious! I love scones and to pair with chai tea would be heavenly!

  3. Oh how wonderful! So glad you shared your savory scones. I love scones and bake them often. These would be good with soup in the winter! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hi Sylvia!Everything looks delicious!I'm very fond of desserts!I loved especially the beautiful doily!Have a lovely weekend!Maristella.

  5. I like big mugs and I cannot lie! Ha! At work, we had a "bring your own cup/mug" tea once and one of my colleagues cracked me up by bringing her HUGE soup mug. I could have emptied my entire teapot into it. Heh.

  6. That looks like a scrumptious tea! Your herb choice would be perfect for me. I love chai and will have to go visit the ladies, sounds delicious! I love your cutters and the pizza stone is something I hadn't thought of before! Have a lovely weekend and thanks so much for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea

  7. Oh my, the scones sound so delicious! I haven't even used my rhubarb yet this year. The compote sounds wonderful!! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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