Saturday, June 17, 2017

Tea and Other Stuff

I scored a wonderful yellow tea cup at the second hand store yesterday.  Those of you who know me will understand how excited I was to see it.  The price was excellent so it came home with me.
I bought these 2 glasses to replace ones I had collected from a Christmas promotion years ago which were in the donation to the store.
Is it not amazing when you create space for what you want it does show up.
I've not seen this mark before so I will have to do some research later.

I did some coloring this week to unwind after a trip to visit my sister for our birthdays.
I had some caffeinated tea to ensure I stayed awake on my drive home in the late evening so I was still wide awake when I got home.

This is from the tea coloring boloring book I received from the blog hosted my Margie at Tea in the Valley.   I chose yellow for the base of the tea pot and cup combo with some pink flowers and green leaves.  Love the candy stripe on the handle.

I finished this book by Karen Kingsbury this week.  I was up till quite late finishing one night.  It was good.

I picked some lilacs early in the week.  I placed them in the hand painted vase which repeats the lilac color.  I think they have been giving me the sneezes though.

A gift from my sister.  My favorite tea from the Chai Wallahs. These ladies do such a great job of this tea.  They are local ladies to Alberta.

I purchased some lace curtains for the dining room window which has only had blinds for years.  I finishes the room.  It is my crafting space so does not serve as a dining room at all.  I have placed my dining room table in the living room next to the patio doors so I can see outside while I sit at the table.  Love the lace.

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  1. Lovely yellow tea cup . . . to cheerful and dainty :)

  2. I'd say it looks like a pretty wonderful and productive week! I love your teacup. It's a beautiful pattern and nice you could replace your glasses.

  3. Sylvia, what great finds! Both the teacup and the glasses would suit me to a T! I've never seen Cauldon china before.

    1. Jean, I have done a bit of a search and Cauldon Potteries ran from 1920 to 1962 so it older than I thought.

  4. Your cheery teacup is a great find! Your post reminds me that I need to pick up my adult colouring book again!

  5. I love seeing what's going on in your world! That tea cup is so cute!! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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