Monday, June 26, 2017

Recent Snapshots

On my walk the other morning I was surprised by a brush on my leg.  It was the neighbor's cat.  It meandered a bit as I stood taking photos of flowers.  Then his focus changed and as you can see something caught his attention.  I don't what it was and he did not pounce so it was not food anyway.

He is quite a large cat with nice coloring and nice eyes.

A trip to the Lois Hole Provincial park last night did not yield many good photos.  I guess the waterfowl babies are growing so the parents are free to move about a lot more.

I found the swallows in their regular place under the boardwalk sitting on the metal braces which keep it square.  He looks more puffy here than usual.  Love the orange color of his throat against the blue of the head. 

 I have not taken a lot of sunset photos in my time.  I guess I don't have an ideal place to take one.  Here I had to live with power lines.  There is trees between me and the sun so it does not create a super shot of the sunset on the water.

I am investigating where would be a great place to go capture that shot.  I'll keep you posted about more sunsets.

The birds were Black Headed Gulls which I had not seen before.

I finally got some peony photos.  I have been waiting for them to open for a couple of weeks.  Cool weather contributed to a slow rate of blooming.

There are so many colors and various levels of fullness in petals.  I love their grand size.  I found hot pink, light pink and white with a hint of pink.

Very happy with these.

The peonies were so lovely.  I like this two toned on with 2 shades of pink and the petals are filly in the center and smoother on the outside.

I believe this one is named Santa Fe.

It will likely be part of my photo calendar next year.

I continue to drive through Elk Island National Park in hopes of seeing and photographing bison. 

This was last Sunday on my way back from the country to visit my Dad. 

This is a small male.  He refused to lift his head.  They are majestic and very large animals.

Maybe, I can't blame him because there was at least seven vehicles on the loop taking photos. 

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  1. Hi there, hope this finds you enjoying your day. The little Swallow is so lovely...any species of Swallow is right near the top of my bird list favorites. What a darling cat and it does look like it is watching something. I had a friend who passed away a few years ago from C and she would grow Peonies and then make special bouquets for me and others and I always think of her now when Peonies bloom. Have a great week~

  2. I actually think the power lines add to the beauty of the sunset photo! And your peonies are beautiful and I love the bison! Not something you see every day...or EVER here! heehee! Hugs!

  3. Sylvia - what a beautiful cat! I also love the picture of the Santa Fe peony - very unique. Have a wonderful week!

  4. I absolutely love peonies. They are so beautiful and their perfume is outstanding. If only they would last a little longer.


  5. I absolutely love peonies. They are so beautiful and their perfume is outstanding. If only they would last a little longer.


  6. I don't think I've ever seen a swallow. It's a beautiful bird and a wonderful shot. And I love your neighbor's cat!


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