Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Card Fronts Relayered #2

This is another of my church card designs. The card front was trimmed and relayered.

The Bethlehem is my own design.  It was printed in navy on a white card.

The star was printed on vellum and silver embossed.  The piece was then wrapped onto the white layer top and bottom and taped to the back. It is not very visible here but just check the hill on the left hand side and you will see the change in shade on the left.

This layer was then adhered to a new navy card base.

This one was designed for a church in one of the Northern Territories.  This was a digital project so I delivered it by email and the managed the production of the actual cards.

I used one of my own watercolor backgrounds to create a sense of the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights).

I added my own Bethlehem Star digital.

I drew the Inukshuk and placed it on a snow bank.

Added the greeting.

Here I have trimmed the original card front to leave a small border.  I adhered it to a new warm blue card base.  I put a silver star brad in the centre of the star.  Looks great!!

Sometimes the card front are the only pieces returned to me which respects the privacy of the recipient and sender.

This design was one that was not selected.

I've trimmed the card front and layered it onto a new red card base.

This card was another church designs.

It features one of my watercolor backgrounds.  It was cropped to a square then I applied a gradient fill over it to go from transparent on the left to opaque on the right.  It creates this great fade to the color.

I added a digital olive branch in just the right spot so when I added the dove. It was printed on white card stock.

Over this I adhered a die cut white dove cut with the Sizzix Dove die ensuring that the bird is aligned with the olive branch.

This card was designed with one of my own photographs.  I was fortunate that a work colleague own many nativities and lent me several to photograph.  It was my early day so setting up still life to photograph. 

The photo was cropped and an olive green fade was added to the edges.
It was then layered onto a green swirl digital background.  It was printed on white card stock.

I trimmed the card front and layered it onto a deep red card to coordinate with the red in their garments.

This is helping to reduce my stash of cards I could not throw out.  A second life for these to be a blessing another time around.

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