Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Cuppa Tea Tuesday - Brunch Sandwich

This is the start of brunch this morning.  I set the table with my navy blue table cloth, a white Battenburg place mat, and the large Blue Carnation plate made in Japan.

I made a tomato and cheese open face sandwich on whole wheat toast.  I used fresh garden tomatoes and sharp cheddar cheese. I topped it with a bit of steak spice, salt and pepper.  It was placed on the salad plate from the Johnson Brothers White Regency which was centered onto the Blue Carnation dinner plate.  The sandwich was terrific.

I made a pot of Masala Chai tea and served it in the Johnson Brothers White Regency teacup and saucer.  I added some honey and cream to make it the way I like it.

The teapot is my Cobalt Blue Ikea 365+. I love this tea pot because it pours well and the lid stays in place.

Here's the full photo.  Brunch was very good.  I repeated the use of the Regency White to tie this tablescape together.

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  1. Well I just love this! I love blue and white, and this looks so welcoming. Great plate pattern! And I love toasted tomato sandwiches! Thanks so much for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!


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