Monday, October 31, 2016

Mosaic Monday - Home Made Pasta Sauce

I have been given quite a few tomatoes and needed to make them into something before they spoiled.  I decided to make some home made tomato pasta sauce.

I cut the tomatoes into small pieces.  I cut out the bad spots on those which had some.  I placed them into the food processor. 

I poured them into a large measuring cup until I had processed them all. I had to do this several times to get enough for a good amount of sauce.  I put it in the microwave to reduce the liquid into a more sauce consistency.

Once it was thicker, I added seasonings like dry onion flakes, steak spices, garlic powder and salt and pepper. 

I added a can of mushrooms to add some texture and flavor.  Back into the microwave to heat all the ingredients.

I served it on whole wheat pasta with a bit of old cheddar grated on top. 
I pulled out the sunflower fabric as a background for this photo. I added my yellow sunflower vase and used my yellow mug with chai tea.

Sharing with Maggie at Normandy Life as she hosts Mosaic Monday 14.


  1. Oh that does look yummy. Fresh tomatoes, so good and now lost until next season~

  2. I've never made fresh tomato sauce but can imagine how good it tastes after hearing how you made yours. I turned the last of my home grown green tomatoes into 3 more jars of chutney for the pantry, Bon appetit!

  3. Hi Sylvia, how nice it must be to have good fresh tomato sauce to enjoy. Yum!


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