Monday, October 17, 2016

Mosaic Monday #12

This was snack for today.  The last of the apples from Mom's trees and a couple of chocolate cookies.  Served on a white IKEA ARV salad plate.

The tea cup is by English Bone Chia by Ridgeway Potteries - pattern is Royal Vale.

The tea is Earl Grey Bold with a bit of honey and cream.

Driving on Saturday was unsure because of a heavy snowfall on Friday, the second in a week.  This brings winter early in our corner of the world. I decided to brave the roads because we need to just do it.  My sister and I attended this craft sale on Saturday.
There was fused glass artist, quite a few sewing projects featuring very similar items, baking is always a hit, a few up-cyclers, several vendors selling home wood decor with sayings, quite a few jewelery vendors and metal home decor.  I did stop at the hand dyed wool vendor and the chocolate booth.

This was a great read.  Alma & Nathaniel, Irina & Seth and Ichimei the mysterious gardener.  My aunt lent me the book which I would highly recommend. 

Sharing with Maggie at Normandy Life who hosts Mosaic Monday.


  1. A cup of earl gray sounds good right now. Our evenings and mornings are cooler but up to high 80s during the day, a bit unusual. And to think you've had two snow storms already!

  2. Your teacup is lovely. It's relaxing to sit down and enjoy a proper cup with a bit of a snack in the afternoon. Thanks for the book recommendation - I'm always looking for good reads.

  3. Some of my favourite things! Sounds like the craft fair was worth braving the elements for, thanks for joining MM again this week.

  4. Oh my what a lovely snack setting!!!


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