Thursday, October 20, 2016

Share Your Cup #220

I was prepping breakfast this morning and as I put the bran muffins and banana on my plate I saw a snowman.  I quickly checked for a carrot nose and his face appeared.  I just had to take it's picture.

It put a smile on your face I hope it does the same for you!

I used to have a really practical Tupperware dispenser for my hair gel.  It was translucent so I could see how much I had left, it had a white pump lid which meant easy to get a dollop of gel.  The lid split and my gel started thickening up in the container which made it harder to get it through the pump.  What to do?  I check with a rep who informed me that piece was not longer available and all I could get was a credit but that was not going to solve my problem. I purchased this pearl shell pump a while back.  It fit into the bathroom decor well enough.  But now the gel is thickening again.  I expect the seal on the lid is just not tight enough and now where near as air tight as the Tupperware one was.  On the hunt again for a dispenser.  This clear flat bottom bottle used to hold some sort of body care product.  I removed its labels, cleaned up the glue with Goo Gone and I will give this one a run for a while.  I like the ability to see what I have left which the clam pump did not give me.

I picked up this book after ordering it two weeks ago. I'm using it for the Be Present for Christmas class I am teaching.  I have borrowed a copy from the library but now I have my very own.  This book was written with a focus on families during the Advent season.

We had a great time at Welcome to my Kitchen this week.  Our host provided a wonderful apple mango crisp, some yogurt, fresh fruit, a bit of cheese and crackers.  Tea and coffee were in good supply.

We had good fellowship.

Sharing with Jann at Daily Cup with Mrs. Olson and Sharing Your Cup.

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  1. Love your cheery snowman! What a fun way to start your morning. I hope this new pump does the trick for you. Apple mango crisp sounds yummy! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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