Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Mosaic Monday #11

This is what Thanksgiving Sunday looked like at my parent's house.  There was at least 4" of the white stuff when I brushed off the vehicles Sunday AM and it was still coming down.  I had to brush my car off again before I left. Driving home was decent all things considered because it did not go below zero so things did not freeze, otherwise it would have not been pretty. I hope that it goes which will the ground a good moisture layer before winter actually comes.  Really puts a wrench into crop picking activities and may just mean no more combining for some farmers.

I picked this rose late last week as just a bud.  With water it has blossomed into it's full glory of deep pink.  We did receive snow here in the city so all plants are going to be done for.  I see it's below zero this morning so that is enough to kill most plants.  Hopefully, there will be reprieve to rake leaves, clear flower beds and generally prepare for winter.  The white stuff this soon is a pretty rude awakening.

I thought I would show my Chocolate Bran Muffins in their pretty Morning Glory Silicone Muffin liners from Steeped Tea.  The black ones in the top right are from Pampered Chef.  Using muffin liners saves paper and ultimately trees.  My regular followers know that I make a batch of these every week and they have been features on posts. 

My sisters have been generous in sharing garden tomatoes.  I received another bunch this week.  Yummy tomato and cheese sandwiches.

This wonderful vase of dried hydrangeas are at my aunt's house.  I was over for a visit on Friday, which when the snow started.  I found the vase in a vintage rose color worked so well with the pink hydrangeas.  Add a vintage ivory crocheted doily and it was a nice photo.  It was a quick put together and it was late so the natural light was missing. 

Sharing with Maggie at Normandy Life who hosts Mosaic Monday.

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  1. Wow, here I am in Greece where it's 27C and you're battling the first snow of the season! Sorry to be so late in visiting but we've been travelling since Monday and WiFi has been a bit hit and miss.
    Stay warm and stay safe.


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