Monday, October 3, 2016

Mosaic Monday #10

I bought a navy table cloth last week.  That rounds out the colors I think I need.  I have red, white, navy, pink, yellow plaid, and yellow damask.

I love the ribbed texture on this one and it washed like a dream.  No tag so I'm not sure what it is made of and so no idea how stain resistant it will be.  I will enjoy it.

This glass pepper shaker came home with me this week. It was missing it's partner so I got it half price.  It has a stick of Torre & Targus so I assume it has never been used. It is a challenge to photograph so I will have to work on it.

I found this barn board frame for a song at the thrift store.  I will be framing one of my photos in it for my craft sale season.

With the changes that took place on Blogger September 29, 2016 which we had been advised for several weeks, I lost all my blog lists. 

My Favorite Blog List, Card Challenge List, Favorite Places List, Techniques, Digital Sources and others which I don't remember because I was counting on finding here on my blog.  Shame on me for depending on the internet for securing information I would like to access regularly or only occasionally.  The Blogger Forum says they are working on it.  They may return or not.  Sad for me.  Live and learn.

Our city finally has a full ring road that allows travellers to bypass the center of the city and carry on east, west, south or north. It opened Saturday and I used it yesterday.  It is wonderful!!!!

Submitting to Mosaic Monday hosted by Maggie at Normandy Life.


  1. I hope those blog lists come back. I've heard from a few others that have lost theirs. SHISH! Love that barn wood frame. It will be perfect for some Fall art! Hugs!

  2. I'm a sucker for tablecloths. I like the ribbing on the navy one you bought. Nice mosaic of your new ring road!

  3. I am completely oblivious to the changes made by blogger last week (comes from living in a bubble I guess) will have to check and see if I've been affected!
    Hope you get your missing data back soon.
    Love the picture frame I would have snapped that up myself for sure.
    Thanks fro joining in with MM again this week and for the intel!

  4. That's a great find in the tablecloth and the frame. I too was oblivious to changes in blogger except a photo from my post no longer shows up on the blog feed. Hope you find a solution soon. Meanwhile keep posting!


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