Saturday, October 1, 2016

Christmas Card Challenge - Oct - Black/Polar Bear

The Christmas Card Challenge this month is black and polar bear.  I have always cut polar bears with my Cricut so I decided I need something new.

After a search on line I found this coloring page image at Supercoloring.  I sized it to be the front of an A2 sized card at 3.75x5 inches. I added a black border and printed it on a quarter sheet of white card stock.  I then selected metallic blue, metallic silver and black from my Crayola pencil crayon set and started coloring.  I used the blue for the sky and the silver for the snow.  I added a bit more pressure on the shadow lines and just under the baby bear. I use the black for the noses, paws and ears.  I did not worry about going over the border because I was going to trim later. Once done coloring I trimmed it to the border.  I used the black crayon to color the white cut edge. The image was then added to a warm blue layer cut to 4.00x5.25 inches then onto a black card.  This makes a winter card which works for those on my Christmas card list that don't embrace it the way I do.

I've lost all my lists from my blog when Blogger made changes on Sept 29th.  It will take a long time to recover what I lost and some I may never remember.  It's amazing and silly how we come to depend on this on line world and a reminder how not in control of it I am. 

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