Monday, March 9, 2015

How To: Alcohol Ink Background Printing

Here's another day where I am stretching myself to try new techniques I've not done before.  I wanted a vibrant colored background for one particular card I have in mind.
Here, I used Ranger Tim Holtz Alcohol inks in Sailboat Blue, Sunshine Yellow and Citrus Green. You need a non porous surface to create your background on before you print it.  I used a clear acrylic plate which I have had forever. Finally came in handy.  I wet the acrylic with alcohol then put ink drops on and tried to move it around with a straw. That makes it dry faster. I did reapply alcohol to the plate and pressed my paper again if I was not happy with the print.  This tended to spread the ink already on the paper somewhat, which generally is what I wanted.  I used 4x6 glossy photo paper which I picked up at the second hand store for a song.

I made 16 sheets with 3 different color combinations.  The others were Purple Twilight, Watermelon, and Sunset Orange - this combo was way too warm and red.  They did not turn out as great as these. The other combo is: Stream Blue, Wild Plum, and Butterscotch Yellow.  Keep an eye out here as I use these sheets in the next few of weeks.  I think some will end up in card club.

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