Monday, March 9, 2015

Mosaic Monday - Angels

I've put together a set of angels I have.  I found it interesting how they are all similar in color.

Top left: This is an angel pin I made with a wooden body and shrink plastic wings.
Top right: Ceramic and I find her skirt seems to mimic a heart upside down.

Center left: I like the movement in her skirt as well.

Bottom left: Is a votive holder from Party Lite.  It is about 8 inches tall and has matte and shiny surfaces. I've switched from lit candles to battery powered and for scent I bought a wax warmer which is safer.

Bottom right: The angel is from the Willow Tree collection named "Friendship is the greatest gift of all".


  1. Your angels are all beautiful! Lovely mosaic! Have a happy new week ahead!

  2. I like your collection of angels, I'm partial to any figures from the Willow tree collection.
    Thank you for linking to Mosaic Monday Sylvia.


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